Modena: what to visit in one day

In the middle of the Po Valley, in the center of Emilia Romagna, lies the city of Modena. Modest in size but full of charm, Modena knows how to conquer the hearts of all tourists: travelers willing to visit it or even just coming for business or strictly personal reasons.

A city steeped in art, home to the great car manufacturers and a place with tasty food par excellence, it is the envy of many Italian cities, often even of larger dimensions.

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Ferrara, homeland of dreamers. What to see in one day

Elegant, calm and fulfilling. The city of Ferrara is considered one of the most beautiful lands with a Renaissance flavor in our dear and beloved Emilia.

Under the Este dynasty, one of the most important and powerful noble families, in three centuries, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Ferrara was transformed from an anonymous rural center into a pearl of rare splendor, also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site; reference area for many artists, writers and singers of the past, it is one of the European capitals of culture, art and gastronomy. With its spectacular monuments, its breathtaking natural landscapes and excellent culinary delights, Ferrara attracts everyone, young and old!

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Bologna: the learned, the red and the fat. What to see in one day

“Bologna is a rich lady who was once a peasant: well-being, villas, jewels...and salami in the shop window, who knows that the smell of misery to swallow is a serious matter and wants to feel safe with what she he is wearing, because he knows fear".

In 1980 the well-known Modenese singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini described the Emilian capital in this way: born poor, enriched over time, Bologna has never lost the ambition to excel but at the same time not even the humility and the memory of the times gloomy of the past, aware that anyone who praises himself cheats and that the way to emerge is made up of commitment and sacrifice.

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Mirandola: a symbolic city of Renaissance Emilia. What to see in one day

One of the most historically important inhabited centers of the beautiful and vast Po Valley is Mirandola.
Currently a little-known village in the lower Modena area, a few centuries ago it was the Emilian territory par excellence, after Bologna, the one that stood out and imposed itself even against cities such as Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia, thanks to the fact that it was the homeland of one of the most prestigious noble families in Italy at the time, that of the Pico, of which the greatest exponent was Giovanni, one of the most appreciated and remembered philosophers of the fifteenth century.

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Reggio Emilia: the homeland of Parmigiano. What to see in one day

Bordered to the east by Modena and to the west by Parma and only 50 km from Bologna, Reggio Emilia is a small but pretty city, too often, unjustly, forgotten.
Emilia Romagna is the region of artistic, historical and gastronomic heritage par excellence, lands such as Bologna, Modena and Parma are steeped in culture and visiting them at least once in a lifetime is a must for everyone; Reggio Emilia is instead a place for true connoisseurs, for explorers who know and love to travel, for those who manage to grasp the wonderful essence of each place, because each town has its own hidden charm.

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Carpi: the beautiful unknown of Emilia. What to see in one day

Just twenty kilometers from Modena lies a small and lonely town, Carpi.
Of prehistoric origin, it is called "the pearl of the Renaissance" for its interesting historical and cultural heritage dating back to the 1500s.
City of art, history and culture, it is defined as the second inhabited center in terms of importance and number of inhabitants in the province of Modena.

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Vignola, Castelvetro and Levizzano: three jewels a few kilometers from Modena - what to visit in one day

In the middle of the Modena hills, among the vineyards and fruit trees, among the verdant nature and the unmistakable rustling of the Panaro river, there are some of the most fascinating villages of our beautiful Emilia; characteristic territories, with a strong historical identity that binds all the citizens of the area.
Castles, towers, churches, oratories and squares surround these places with a medieval flavor, and the charm of the surrounding countryside, which gives a sense of freedom and tranquility, will allow you to immerse yourself in nature in a carefree way.

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Mantova: with Lombard skin and Emilian blood - What to visit in one day

Bordering Emilia-Romagna and Veneto and a stone's throw from Lake Garda, Mantua rises in south-eastern Lombardy.

Unesco World Heritage Site since 2008 and Italian Capital of Culture since 2016, Mantua presents itself as a sober, elegant, graceful and refined city; one of the most scenic in Italy. It is dominated by the landscape and artistic beauties that characterize it; land rich in history and culture in which periods of maximum splendor alternated with others in which it fell disastrously into decline, if it is currently one of the many Italian cities renowned for its charm, in the Renaissance, under the rule of the Gonzagas, it became one of the major art centers in Europe.

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